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Germany is one of the most enticing countries in world. Over the last few decades it has become more and more attractive for tourists from all over the world and is no longer a secret amongst the most favourite holiday spots in Europe.

From beautiful historic towns & villages embedded in breathtaking landscapes to the big cities like Munich and Berlin, Germany lures with its great natural and cultural diversity.

Wherever your visit may lead you, you will find plenty of things to visit, discover & enjoy!

Rent a car in Germany

Germany has lovely cities, each with its own charm and full of things to enjoy.
The top German destinations for car hire are:


Berlin offers so much do to you will have to make your picks. Vast parks throughout the city landscape and along the river Spree to take a stroll in, a fair bit of history to discover, plenty of shops, museums, art galleries, monuments & buildings to visit, and, of course, the uncountable cafes, pubs and bars Berlin’s nightlife is renowned for with the younger generations.

Due to its enormous proportions, a car rental comes in handy to discover Berlin. You can find Avis stations throughout the city and at all Berlin airports.


The third largest city in Germany and the capital of Bavaria is widely known for - yes - the biggest beer festival in the world, or ‘Wiesn’, as it is called by the locals. And although beer plays a fundamental part in the lifestyle of the city, Munich has much more to offer.

If you like nature, check out the ‘English Garden’ park with its 900 acres of space, or the beautifully landscaped Olympic Park. Furthermore, architectural gems can be found all across the city, the New Town Hall and the late gothic Cathedral Church of Our Lady being favourites amongst many other buildings worth visiting - the Theatiner Church, the Church of St. Peter or the Bavarian State Opera to name a few.


Hamburg is Germany’s second biggest city and also sports the second largest port in the Europe.
There are various ways to enjoy the waterfront. You can simply take a stroll along the pier, enjoy a seafood dinner in one of the many restaurants, or take a boat tour.

Throughout the city you will find widely varied possibilities to breathe in the feel of Hamburg. Visit the Historic Warehouse District, the arcades along the Alster, the Fish Market or even the infamous Reeperbahn.
Fancy the sea side? You can take a trip to the Baltic Sea with your rented car. Hamburg is within an hour’s drive from the sea.

Popular German destinations to rent a car with Avis

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